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FREE Checklist & Client Car Wreck Guide- Howard Spiva

FREE Checklist & Client Car Wreck Guide

Have an experienced attorney or law firm selected now so they are ready to go in the event of a wreck or emergency.

• Keep a First Aid kit in your car
• Put reflective triangles and emergency flares in your trunk
• Request our FREE Accident Guide and keep it in your glove box
• Have teen drivers learn to use the app as part of their ongoing drivers education


1. Move your car to safety
2. Call 911 if you are injured
3. Contact the police
4. Alert other motorists
5. Exchange information

Yes, you really do need a bike helmet Even mild concussions can cause lasting brain damage - Consumer reports

Yes, you really do need a bike helmet
Even mild concussions can cause lasting brain damage, new study finds

Published: July 19, 2014 06:00 AM

When I learned how to ride a bike in the early 1960s, the only accessories we considered were a basket, a bell, and, if I had saved up enough money, a speedometer. A helmet? Hardly. They weren’t even made until the 70s. More than a few times I took a header over the handlebars. And a study out this week emphasizes just how lucky I was to not hit my noggin—and how important a properly fitted bike helmet can be.

The Airport Adventure

I arrived at the small island airport...

Ivan was off today so I gave head guy $50. And each bagger $10.

It was a little stressful as we walked into the packed airport ..,,

and the airport staff kept rushing up to
Me and saying mr howard they are waiting for you ..,,you are late you are late ... the plane is leaving.

At first a lady at the airport counter seemed furious and disgusted with us.

We thought with " island" time and since got there at 1pm for a 2pm flight we were good with an hour to spare.

Savannah' s South side is growing stronger every day

Savannah's South side is growing stronger every day.

1) New Bufalo Wild Wings On Abercorn at Mall Blv and Abercorn.

2) New Wing Station restaurant in Savannah Mall

3) Toby Keith Bar in Savannah Mall.

4) Tony Thomas Stuff Store on WhiteBluff

5) New RPM auto repair on Waters and Montgomery Cross Roads.

6) New Jarrods Jewelry is building a new Store on Abercorn at Mall Blvd.

7) New built Firestone Tire opened on Abercorn

8) New Building Bank of Ozarks just opened on Abercorn and Television circle.

9) New building Waffle house opened on Abercorn near Tibet

18 WHEEL TRUCKS ~ Attorney Howard Spiva Savannah Ga

People involved in a wreck with an 18 wheeler (tractor trailer) need to know that the lawyer representing them should have experience beyond just car wrecks.


HOST: We’re here speaking with Attorney Howard Spiva, one of the pre-eminent truck accident injury attorneys in the South East, in fact even in the entire nation, with some commentary on the recent tragedy and fatal accident with Tracy Morgan and the Walmart truck driver. Howard, you shared some things with me on break. Could you maybe repeat that for our listeners?

How Modern Insurance Companies Value Your Car Wreck Injuries

How Modern Insurance Companies Value Your Car Wreck Injuries

Most insurance companies now use a Softwear program to evaluate your injury from a car wreck.

That’s right a computer, a machine NOT a person evaluates your case.

The most well-known one is called Colossus.

Appointed to TRIAL LAWYERS CARE Committee ~ AAJ

The Spiva Law Group is proud to announce that Howard Spiva was appointed by the president-elect of the American Association for Justice (AAJ) to serve as a member of the TRIAL LAWYERS CARE Committee member for the 2014-2015 year.

Howard is honored to accept and embrace this leadership challenge. This is his 3rd year as a member.

The opportunity to help people is an honor and a blessing.

I can not believe how blessed I am. The opportunity to help people. The opportunity to make a difference in someone's life.

The opportunity to serve people who have had tragic events happen and have no one else to turn to.

Often times the results we achieve for our clients determine if our client (can be a child or a teen or adult) ends up with the help they need with medical treatment, rehabilitation, education, lost income, and other harms and losses... or if they end up living under a bridge and pushing a shopping cart.

Over $200 Million in recoveries. Over $100 Million in Verdicts ~ Spiva Law Group

Our Recent Jury Verdicts & Recoveries

$55 Million Shaken Baby Brain Injury
$12 Million Fallen Tree Limb Loss of Leg
$9.64 Million Fork Lift Closed Head Injury
$6.5 Million DUI Digestive Injury
$4 Million Construction Front End Loader
$3.2 Million Products Defective Jack
$3 Million Car Wreck Speeding Driver/Cell
$2.3 Million Job Injury Crushed Arms
$1.7 Million Front End Loader Serious injuries
$1.4 Million Carnival Injury Mild Brain Injury
$1.3 Million Premises Injury Closed head injury