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Late Afternoon in Savannah’s Urban Garden. A tale of two cities - The truth

Late Afternoon in Savannah’s Urban Garden.
A Tale of Two Cities

The true Story.

Looking at our City parks and squares and then riding on streets like Bee Road makes it is clear that the City has 2 standards for the care of our City's trees..

One standard for the Historic district where 12 million tourist visits per year and billions of dollars of revenues are generated.

A second standard is for areas such as Bee Road.

Don't the Citizens on Bee Road and White Bluff Road and other areas of town deserve the same safe conditions as tourist receive?

Week 1 of Multi-Million Dollar Lawsuit Against City Wraps Up

WSAV: News, Weather, and Sports for Savannah, GA

Week 1 of Multi-Million Dollar Lawsuit Against City Wraps Up

FREE Client Guide to Hiring a Lawyer ~ how do you know who to hire?

FREE Client Guide to Hiring a Lawyer

There are so many Attorneys on Television, in the phone book yellow pages and on the Internet, how do you know who to hire?


A Successful lawyer with over 28 years’ experience tells you:

21 Questions you must ask before hiring a lawyer.
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Expertise and Reputation

1) Does your law firm have a "rating" by Martindale-Hubbell or AVVO.com ?

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We at Spiva Law Group believe deeply in our Community.

We at Spiva Law Group believe deeply in our Community.

On this page you will see some of the things we are doing in the Community, help you find information about the Community, and find law-related websites relevant to the Community.

Please read here. http://12unlimited.com/lawyers-care.html

We have been recognized locally, statewide as well as nationally as supporting a host of local charitable organizations over the years. Our awards include:

Justice Robert Benham Award for Community Service
~ The State Bar of Georgia

Outstanding Service To The Community Award

Savannah City Manager receives a monthly car allowance. She receives $475 a month, which puts her annual compensation at $196,275. year

Small-Toney initiated raises for several employees ranging from 20 percent to 22 percent in 2010, There were council discussions with her, but no policy directives. Nor were any of the raises rescinded, including either of the two raises she was awarded within about 15 days of each other.

One was given by departing City Manager Michael Brown; the other by council. Aldermen said they were unaware of the raise Brown had awarded when they approved the raise.

Regional salary comparison shows Savannah's city manager earns more than most

Salute to Attorney Billy Tomilinson ~ “CAN WE ALL GET ALONG”

This post is a salute to Attorney Billy Tomilinson of the law firm of Tomilinson & Assocates, LLC

Billy is a local Savannah and Richmondhill resident, an attorney and partner at Tomlinson, Jemison & Smith, PC, Garden City Solicitor, a special prosecutor for Bryan County State Court,and he is an avid cyclist and a member of a local bicycle racing team. He has lots of energy and fights hard for his clients.

Billy and his firm clearly understand how stressful it is to a client to be injured or charged with a crime.

Who pays the medical bills? The truth in a jury trial.

Who pays the medical bills?

Many people, including jurors have misconceptions on “big verdicts”. Often folks think winning a law suit or settlement is like hitting the lottery.

The truth is no one would want the injuries that our clients have in most of our cases for any amount of money.

People often ask: Who pays the medical bills? Do they fall on the public? Does the person suing get paid twice?

When you recover a jury verdict the first thing that happens is that a portion of the money goes to pay medical bills.