Our office handles injury claims only. Our primary concentration is on claims involving catastrophic, serious personal injury and wrongful death, with additional focus on premise liability claims; including slip and fall, and inadequate security.

Our office has also had success recovering “confidential settlements” against automobile and tire makers and manufacturers of medical products.

Below are some successes that we have had on these types of cases:

$2.3 Million
Job Injury

Crushed Arms

$1.7 Million

against a reckless front end operator

$1.4 Million
Defective Construction

For a family who lost a loved one in a construction accident

$1.4 Million
Carnival Injury (structure)

Brain Injury

$1.3 Million
Closed head injury

Premises Injury (structure)

Judgement $1.15 Million ($900,000.00 jury verdict and $253,036.45 pre-judgement interest).
Slip and fall in Kmart

Torn rotator cuff and head injury. $30,328.03 in medical bills.

Judgement $1,097,990.89. ($742,000 jury verdict plus pre-judgement interest).
Car Wreck

$3,670.00 in medical bills.

$1 Million

policy limits against a tractor trailer driver with bad record

$1 Million

policy limits against tractor trailer driver (not qualified)


against a drunk driver

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