Spiva Law

Here is one testimonial that we are extra proud of:

Shanta: These are not my lawyers anymore, this is my family. I have grown to love these people, 3 years almost every day with them.

Pushing and pushing, these guys pushed and pushed. These guys told me every day “we are not giving up on you”.

Even when I felt like we can’t take on the City, we probably sent a message, but I didn’t believe we could take it on, but I know my team believed because they pushed every day.

They worked hard hours, weekends. I use to say I’m at home and y’all out working on the weekend and I am just so thankful for them and everybody else that helped at Spiva Law Group PC. Those guys are great.

And if you need a lawyer to represent you Spiva Law Group PC is the best, Howard and Clay and the rest of the team, THEY WILL GET THE JOB DONE!


Shanta Greene Speaks Out After Verdict